Titles UK Cover Art Designers through the Years
(those with more than one credit to their name)
Tavler to Younger
Tavler (1962 and 1964) Taylor (c.1952/53) top
Such Power Is Dangerous Mayhem In Greece   Star Of Ill-Omen Curtain Of Fear  
(1962 Arrow cover for Such Power Is Dangerous) (1964 Arrow cover for Mayhem In Greece) (1st Book Club wrapper for Star Of Ill-Omen) (1st Book Club wrapper for Curtain Of Fear)
1962 1964 (not known, c.1952) n.d. (c.1953)
Arrow edition Arrow edition 1st Book Club edition 1st Book Club edition

Diana Younger (aka Diana le Poer Trenon) (1934 to 1940) top
The Devil Rides Out Uncharted Seas The Golden Spaniard Sixty Days To Live Those Modern Musketeers The Scarlet Impostor
(1st edition wrapper for The Devil Rides Out) (1st edition wrapper for Uncharted Seas) (1st edition wrapper for The Golden Spaniard) (1st edition wrapper for Sixty Days To Live) (1st edition wrapper for Those Modern Musketeers) (1st edition wrapper for The Scarlet Impostor)
[December 1934] [January 1938] [August 1938] [August 1939] [December 1939] [January 1940]
1st edition 1st edition 1st edition 1st edition 1st edition 1st edition
Faked Passports The Black Baroness  
(1st edition wrapper for Faked Passports) (1st edition wrapper for The Black Baroness)
[June 1940] [October 1940]
1st edition 1st edition

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