Title Date Transcript known still to exist ?
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Lecture - Conference on Education, Hoddesdon, Herts. 1932  
Speech - Foyle’s Literary Luncheon, Dorchester Hotel 19 October 1933 Y
Lecture on Black Magic, Admiralty House 1 April 1936  
Speech - Foyle’s Literary Luncheon, Dorchester Hotel 23 July 1936 Y
Lecture - Black Magic Through The Ages, Pendlebury Town Hall 20 October 1937  
Lecture - Voroshilov & His Campaigns, British Russia Club, St. Andrew’s Hall, Over-Seas House, Park Place, London 27 April 1938 Y
Talk - Sunday Times National Book Fair, Earl’s Court 21 November 1938  
Talk - Eton Literary Society 22 February 1939  
Talk on National Service, Odeon, South Harrow part of Sir John Anderson’s panel of Celebrity volunteers 10 June 1939  
Talk on National Service, Metropole Cinema, Victoria Street, London SW1. 29 June 1939  
Lecture - The Novelist’s Task, Royal Society of Arts 27 April 1953 Y
Lecture - Magic And The Supernatural, Book Department, Harrods c1963  
Speech - Dinner to celebrate DW’s 50th Book, ‘They Used Dark Forces’, Garrick Club 20 November 1964 Y
Speech - Royal Stuart Society Dinner, Brown’s Hotel, Albemarle Street, London 29 May 1965  
Talk after Luncheon at Tumbledown Dick Hotel, Farnborough 15 February 1969  
Talk - My Life And My Writing, Occult Day, Bedford Square Book Bang 2 June 1971  
Talk on Devil Worship for the Anglican Clergy, Northampton June 1972  


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