Translation of the Jacket blurb by Iwan Hedman-Morelius for
I HEMLIGT UPPDRAG (The Scarlet Impostor),
Informationsförlaget, Stockholm, 1987

On the 6th of September Dennis Wheatley sat down at his desk to start his new novel THE SCARLET IMPOSTOR.  He worked hard from 10:00am until 2:00pm every day for seven weeks and finished the book on the 19th of October.

Dennis Wheatley says that this book is one of his best.  I can agree with that.  At the age of only eleven years I did my Wheatley-debut with this book, although it was not meant to be read by a boy so young.  But this was the beginning for me and my reading/collecting.  In a short while I would just devour all his books.

Gregory Sallust is the hero in eleven of Dennis Wheatley’s novels.  The most exciting and most interesting of them are the seven dealing with the 2nd World War and which start with THE SCARLET IMPOSTOR.

Personally I think the Gregory Sallust series is the most readable in Dennis Wheatley’s large production, even if many other books have also greatly fascinated me.

I really hope that this new translation of one of the world’s best storytellers in a long time – Dennis Wheatley – is taken up by today’s readers.  He will always thrill new readers, there is no doubt about that.

Let’s hope for a new era of Dennis Wheatley’s adventure books and thrillers.

Iwan Hedman-Morelius

Iwan Hedman-Morelius is the editor of DAST-MAGAZINE and one of the leading experts of Dennis Wheatley.  Together with Jan Alexandersson he has written the book: “Fyra Decennier med Dennis Wheatley” (DAST Förlag, 1973).