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65 Great Murder Mysteries


Evidence in Camera, Margery Allingham

The Case of the Emerald Sky, Eric Ambler

Acid Test, Margot Arnold

Eyewitness, Robert Arthur

The Murder of the Mandarin, Arnold Bennett

Nemesis, Phyllis Bentley

The Avenging Chance, Anthony Berkeley

Sweets to the Sweet, Robert Bloch

Nightmare in Yellow, Frederic Brown

The Hands of Mr Ottermole, Thomas Burke

Baby, Ramsey Campbell

A Note for the Milkman, Sidney Carroll

The Hammer of God, G.K. Chesterton

Accident, Agatha Christie

Coroner's Inquest, Marc Connelly

Banquo's Chair, Rupert Croft-Cooke

Esmeralda, John Keir Cross

Lamb to the Slaughter, Roald Dahl

The Trial for Murder, Charles Dickens

The Corpse Light, Dick Donovan

The Veiled Lodger, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Surprise! Surprise!, Roger F. Dunkley

The Two Bottles of Relish, Lord Dunsany

The Kill, Peter Fleming

Something to Do with Figures, Miriam Allen de Ford

The Turn of the Tide, C.S. Forester

The Blood on the Innocents, Celia Fremlin

The Squire's Story, Mrs Gaskell

Earth to Earth, Robert Graves

Mrs Manifold, Stephen Grendon

The Two Vaynes, L.P. Hartley

August Heat, W.F. Harvey

Dark Journey, Francis Iles

The Well, W.W. Jacobs

Moment of Power, P.D. James

Another Shot in the Locker, Michael Kent

The Return of Imray, Rudyard Kipling

The Lady with the Hatchet, Maurice Leblanc

A Thousand Deaths, Jack London

Homicidal Hiccup, John D. MacDonald

The Sound of Murder, William P. McGivern

An Official Position, W. Somerset Maugham

Vendetta, Guy de Maupassant

Such a Good Idea, Andrea Newman

The Regent's Park Murder, Baroness Orczy

The Blind Spot, Barry Perowne

The Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe

The House by the Headland, Sapper

Suspicion, Dorothy L. Sayers

The Second Step, Margery Sharp

The Case of Arnold Schuttringer, Georges Simenon

The People Next Door, Pauline C. Smith

The King of Spades, Nancy Spain

The Portobello Road, Muriel Spark

Blue Murder, Wilbur Daniel Steele

The Murder, John Steinbeck

Markheim, Robert Louis Stevenson

The Secret of the Growing Gold, Bram Stoker

A Theme for Hyacinth, Julian Symons

Miss Smith, William Trevor

The Treasure Hunt, Edgar Wallace

The Snow, Hugh Walpole

The Cone, H.G. Wells

In the Fog, Dennis Wheatley

The Cyprian Bees, Anthony Wynne

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