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Adventure Stories for Boys & Girls


The Toughest Race in the World, Stirling Moss

The Smashing of the Dams (from Enemy Coast Ahead), Wing-Commander Guy Gibson

Dicing with Death (from King Solomon's Mines), Rider Haggard

A Story of Survival, Mark Twain

Joan of Arc, Mollie Hardwick

One of the Missing, Ambrose Bierce

Dick Turpin's Ride to York, Harrison Ainsworth

In the Shadow of the Black Stone (from The 39 Steps), John Buchan

Picking Up Terrible Company, Amelia B. Edwards

A Descent into the Maelström, Edgar Allan Poe

The Fugitive, Maxwell Gray

To Build a Fire, Jack London

North Face, Walter Unsworth

In the Abyss, H.G. Wells

The Return to Ithaka, Iain Finlayson

The Man Who Killed Hitler, Hayden McAllister

Springing the Trap (from The Prisoner of Zenda), Anthony Hope

The Astronaut, Valentina Zhuravlyova

Bid for Freedom (from Dare to be Free), W.B. Thomas

A Fight for Life (from The Scarlet Impostor), Dennis Wheatley

Rowing Across the Atlantic (from I Had to Dare), Tom McClean

I Escape from the Boers (from My Early Life), Sir Winston Churchill

Into the Snake Pit (from Encounters with Animals), Gerald Durrell

The Hand, Guy de Maupassant

The Left-Handed Sword (from These Little Ones), E. Nesbit

The Treasure Hunt (from Treasure Island), Robert Louis Stevenson

Attack on the Takao (from The World's Greatest Sea Adventures), Commander John Kerans

A Terribly Strange Bed, William Wilkie Collins

Island of Old Desire, Peter Knight

Ordeal, Angus McDonald

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