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Adventure Stories


Annapurna! (from Annapurna South Face by Chris Bonington), Dougal Haston

Car with No Brakes (from It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet), James Herriot

Two VC's For Submarine Thrasher (from Discharged Dead), Sidney Hart

Treasure in Lord Kitchener's Tomb (from Treasure Seekers), Hans Roden

Rally Drive (from Marathon in the Dust), Innes Ireland

Jim's Big Dream (from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), Mark Twain

Hiding from the Redcoats (from Kidnapped), Robert Louis Stevenson

First Flight (from The Untold Story of the Wright Brothers), John Evangelist Walsh

Crossing the Front Lines (from Greenmantle), John Buchan

Dédée—Resistance Fighter (from Little Cyclone), Airey Neave

Death of a Ship (from Lower Deck), John Davies

Beneath Niagara, E.Z. Burns

Hunting the Hammerhead Shark (from Shark Hunter), Trevor Housby

A Cape Horn Snorter (from The Cape Horn Breed), Capt. W.H.S. Jones

Strange Events at Zinderneuf (from Beau Geste), P.C. Wren

Exploring an Untamed Wilderness (from The Magnificent Adventures of Alexander Mackenzie), Samuel Edwards

First Ascent of Monte Inaccessible (from Cockleshell Journey), John Ridgway

David Copperfield's Journey to Dover (from David Copperfield), Charles Dickens

The Rannoch Moor Rescue (from Call-Out), Hamish MacInnes

Incident in the Soudan, R.C. Williamson

The Adventures of a Shilling, Joseph Addison

Stranded in a Balloon (from Five Weeks in a Balloon), Jules Verne

Escape from Colditz (from Colditz Recaptured by Rheinhold Eggers), Alain Le Ray

Mystery of the Drifting Derelict (from What Happened on the Mary Celeste), Rupert Furneaux

Survivor! (from Last Ditch), John Wingate DSC

Appointment with an Octopus (from Pattern of Islands), Arthur Grimble

Perilous Journey, John Simpson

High-Wire, Hayden McAllister

Flight of Fear (from Harvest of Journeys), Hammond Innes

The Lonely Sea and the Sky (from The Lonely Sea and the Sky), Francis Chichester

In the Gobi Desert (from Peking to Paris), Luigi Barzini

Operation Bonebreaker (from An Eye for a Bird), Eric Hosking and Frank W. Lane

Rescue—East of Everest (from Nothing Venture, Nothing Win), Edmund Hillary

On the Moon (from To Rule the Night), James B. Irwin (with William A. Emerson)

Worlds Without End, Anthony Buckley

Lifeboat! (from Henry Blogg of Cromer), Cyril Jolly

Wind and a Prayer (from Airborne), Neil Williams

Battle with a Moray Eel (from To Unplumbed Depths), Hans Hass

The Missing Sailor (from The Missing German), David Rees

King Solomon's Treasure Chamber (from King Solomon's Mines), H. Rider Haggard

My Fight with the Natives (from An Emigrant in Van Diemens Land), William Thornley

Wrecked in the Rain Forest (from Cyclone), Hector Holthouse

Attempt on the Atlantic (from Famous Flights), John Frayn Turner

Tracking Down the Smugglers (from Contraband), Dennis Wheatley

In the Hands of God (from Peter Simple), Captain Marryat

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