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The Spy's Bedside Book


Introduction, Graham Greene

For Beginners

A Mission is Proposed, John Buchan

Directive to Colonel Zabotin

A Damned Good Story, W. Somerset Maugham

A Late Call at the German Embassy, L.C. Moyzisch

The Value of Hide-and-Seek, Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Take a Hard-Boiled Egg, Bernard Newman

Example of Invisible Writing

Hazards of the Profession

Tricked, William Le Queux

A Whip of the Circassian Sort, T.E. Lawrence

A Nasty Scratch, William Le Queux

A Spy Advertises, Herbert Greene

A Bathroom at the Paris Ritz, Dennis Wheatley

A Trussed Fowl, William Le Queux

In the Back of the Head, Vladimir Petrov

A Little Black Beret, Peter Fleming

At the Social Club, George Griffith

"That indeed is to die", Fenimore Cooper

Seduced with the Old Tricks, W.H. Auden

An Excellent Babadagly, William Le Queux

I Spy, Graham Greene

A Segment of German Sausage, Peter Fleming

The Sad Fate of Major André, Richard Garnett and Anna Seward

The Police Spy, Joseph Conrad

Seven Miles from Calais, Max Pemberton

A Twinge, William Le Queux

Delights of the Profession

A Narrow Squeak, Sir Paul Dukes

A Cross-Country Run, Belle Boyd

Good Hunting, Maurice Paléologue

Foreign Travel, Ian Fleming and Walter Schellenberg

Seex Fat English Pigs, Lechmore Worrall and J.E. Harold Terry

Room at the Bottom

The Case of the Dixon Torpedo, Arthur Morrison

The Adventures of Bonaparte, Compton Mackenzie

Unexpected Encounters

Colette and Mata Hari, Colette

The Man in the Soft Cap, Edmund Blunden

A Meet in the Shires, William Le Queux

Not Known to the Secret Service

The Spies' March, 1913, Rudyard Kipling

A Royal Spy, Alan H. Burgoyne

Schnitzel alias Jones, Richard Harding Davis

How it Strikes a Contemporary, Robert Browning

Some Simple Disguises

Could Not Believe His Eyes, Sir Robert Baden-Powell

None Other Than . . ., William Le Queux

The Waiters' Union, E. Phillips Oppenheim

Professional Perquisites

Royal Gifts, William Le Queux

A Well-Appointed Office, Walter Schellenberg

Blanc de Blanc Brut, 1943, Ian Fleming

A Certificate from General Washington, Fenimore Cooper

Spare-Time Activities

Prison Reading, R.H. Bruce Lockhart

Planning a Novel, Eric Ambler

Love, Major André

A Gaggle of Suspects

Queer People, Sir Basil Thomson

The Lawrences, Hugh Kingsmill

Operation Goethe, Thomas Mann

What the Soldier Said, William Blake

Coleridge and Wordsworth, Suspects, S.T. Coleridge

The Gendarme and the Painter, Paul Gauguin

A Lawyer from Kent, Walter Schellenberg

The Amorous Duchess, Maurice Paléologue

Postscript to Dreyfus, Guy Chapman

Tricks of the Trade

Beneath the Open Windows, Thomas Hardy

The Ordinary Route, Maurice Paléologue

Equipment for Tibet, Lieutenant-Colonel F.M. Bailey

Vodka with Pepper, Ian Fleming

Dichlorethyl Sulphide, R.L. Green

Butterfly-Hunting in Dalmatia, Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Carrier Pigeons, H.R. Berndorff

A Visit to the Lavatory, R.H. Bruce Lockhart

Top People Read "The Times", William Le Queux

The Ambassador's Valet, Maurice Paléologue

Russian Methods, H.R. Berndorff

The Explosive Cigar, William Le Queux

A Plant, Admiral Sir William James

The German Governess. The Simplest Thing in the World. An Early Microphone, Lechmore Worrall and J.E. Harold Terry

The Hansom Cab Approach, George Griffith

Calloway's Code, O. Henry


Epilogue, Hugh Greene

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