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My Best Spy Story : A Collection of Stories chosen by their own Authors


The Link, Michael Annesley

Flood on the Goodwins, A.D. Divine

Trouble on the Border, John Ferguson

Gun Cotton S.S., Rupert Grayson

In Enemy Territory, George A. Hill

The Traitress, Sydney Horler

Music Hath Charms, Vernon Loder

The Uncounted Factor, Stephen Maddock

Gas Attack!, Marthe McKenna

"38", Laurence W. Meynell

Cunningham, W.F. Morris

The Piping Days of Peace, Talbot Mundy

Escape, Bernard Newman

Under Enemy Colours, Captain A.O. Pollard

Georgette—A Spy, Graham Seton

Live Bait, J.M. Walsh

Espionage, Dennis Wheatley

The Popinjay Knight, Valentine Williams

Brien Averts a War, Alexander Wilson

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