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A Century of Horror


Ancient Sorceries, Algernon Blackwood

The Unknown Island, H.T.W. Bousfield

The Earlier Service, Margaret Irwin

Lazarus Returns, Guy Endore

Breakdown, L.A.G. Strong

The Man Who Liked Dickens, Evelyn Waugh

The Open Door, Mrs. Oliphant

The Reptile, Augustus Muir

The Music on the Hill, "Saki" (H. H. Munro)

The Canary, F. Tennyson Jesse

The Great God Pan, Arthur Machen

The Red Room, H.G. Wells

The Leech of Folkestone, R.H. Barham

Smee, Ex-Private X

One Who Saw, Ex-Private X

Dark Journey, Francis Iles

The Fate of Faustina, E.W. Hornung

The Pipe-Smoker, Martin Armstrong

The Angelus, William Younger

The Case of M. Valdemar, Edgar Allan Poe

A Glass of Milk, Michael Joseph

From What Strange Land, Blanche Bane Kuder

El Verdugo, Honors De Balzac

Poor Man's Inn, Richard Hughes

La Tartars, E. M. Winch

The Ghoul, Sir Hugh Clifford

The Dead Smile, F. Marion Crawford

The House with the Echo, T.F. Powys

Arabesque: the Mouse, A.E. Coppard

The Last Chukka, Alec Waugh

Mr. Meldrum's Mania, John Metcalfe

A Terribly Strange Bed, William Wilkie Collins

The Hand, Theodore Drieser

The Bird, Thomas Burke

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, M.R. James

Vendetta, Guy De Maupassant

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce

The Mallet, James Hilton

The Silver Mask, Hugh Walpole

The Judge's House, Bram Stoker

The Feet, Mark Channing

The Call of the Hand, Louis Golding

The House, Bernard Bromage

All Hallows, Walter De La Mare

The First Blood Sweep, C.E. Montague

The Fourth Man, John Russell

The Price of the Head, John Russell

The Lost God, John Russell

The Island of the Ud, William Hope Hodgson

The Whistling Room, William Hope Hodgson

The Derelict, William Hope Hodgson

The Snake, Dennis Wheatley

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