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A Century of Spy Stories


Stephan, the Pole, Marthe Mckenna

Secret Service Days, E.T. Woodhall

The Secret in Harley Street, Gilbert Frankau

How the German Spy Organization was Smashed, Percy Savage

Through the Russian Lines, Nicholas Snowden

Anna Maria Lesser and the Boy Scouts, Bernard Newman

Cousin Tim, Baroness Carla Jenssen

Mademoiselle Wassiltchikova's Peace Mission, Colonel V.K. Kaledin

Knaves & Co., Sydney Horler

Flying Visit, Captain A.O. Pollard

Colette and the Coughing Man, Michael Annesley

Alter Ego, J.M. Walsh

Ship's Cards and Gun Cotton, Rupert Grayson

The Hut in the Wood, Marthe McKenna

The Picture Lady, Stephen Maddock

The Lit Chamber, John Buchan

Miss Mystery, Bruce Graeme

The Phantom Fleet, E. Phillips Oppenheim

Two Fishers, Guy De Maupassant

The Boy Spy, Alphonse Daudet

The Greater Loyalty, E.M. Winch

The Pigeon Man, Valentine Williams

My Recollections, Commander Ladoux

The Trial and Death of Mata Hari, Major Thomas Coulson

Suspicion, William C. White

The Man who Hated Music, Quentin Reynolds

The Open Window, Peter Cheyney

Parker Adderson, Philosopher, Ambrose Bierce

The Kingsmouth Spy Case, Ernest Bramah

A Mission in the Ruhr, Sir Philip Gibbs

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