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Hearst's International—Cosmopolitan, June 1933


Cosmopolitan Almanack for June, F.P.A.

A Permanent Bread Line . . . or Back to the Country?, Raymond Moley

The Return, Pearl S. Buck

In These Tremendous Times, Rupert Hughes

Bank Holiday, Faith Baldwin

Aunt Flora, Louis Bromfield

Behind Castle Walls, Hilda Grenier

Penthouse (Part II), Arthur Somers Roche

Gambling on Hoofs, Charles B. Parmer

The Snake, Dennis Wheatley

The States Speak on Prohibition, Claude G. Bowers

Women Have Loved Cads, Bruce Gould

"I Was Throwing My Life Away", Katherine Albert

Pay Streak, Hugh Wiley

The Legend of Sleepless Hollow, Alexander Woollcott

Enchanted Ground (Part V), Temple Bailey

Mother's Day, Fannie Fox

Blonde and Black, Robert W. Chambers

Lunch at the White House, O.O. McIntyre

Men of Straw, Henry F. Pringle

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