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More Adventure Stories


Escape from War Fort 9 (from The Escaping Club), A.J. Evans

A Fight for Life (from The Scarlet Impostor), Denis[sic] Wheatley

Trapped Amongst Icebergs (from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea), Jules Verne

On the Fringe, George Hall

The Miracle of Umanarsuk (from Survival in the Sky), Ralph Barker

Island of Old Desire, Peter Knight

Red Indians on the Warpath (from Dog Crusoe), R.M. Ballantyne

North Face, Walter Unsworth

Battle of the Witchdoctors (from Allan's Wife), H. Rider Haggard

A Family of Castaways (from Swiss Family Robinson), J.R. Wyss

In the Shadow of the Black Stone (from The 39 Steps), John Buchan

Rowing Across the Atlantic (from I Had to Dare), Tom McClean

The Wild Waste-Paper (from The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm), Norman Hunter

Antarctic Odyssey (from South), Sir Ernest Shackleton

The 'Old Man' of the Sea (from The Kon Tiki Expedition), Thor Heyerdahl

The Desert Road (from The Forgotten Path), David Newman

Raid on Entebbe (from Counter-Strike Entebbe), Tony Williamson

Black Nights on the Thames (from My Escape from Donington Hall), Gunter Pluschow

A Story of Survival, Mark Twain

Island of Crabs (from Idylls of the Sea), Frank Bullen

Early Days in the Royal Flying Corps (from Five Years in the RFC), Captain James McCudden V.C.

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