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My Most Exciting Story : A Collection of Stories Chosen by Their Own Authors


The Drop, Francis Beeding

The Blue Pearl, John G. Brandon

The Later Edition, Victor Bridges

Mock Trial, Hugh Clevely

The Dope Traffickers, Roland Daniel

Third Player Plays High, N.A. Temple Ellis

Sinclair and Son, Gerard Fairlie

Between Eight and Eight, C.S. Forester

The Snatch Racket, Bruce Graeme

Jungle Law, Sydney Horler

Danse Macabre, Frank King

The Brown Book, A.E.W. Mason

The Leather Case, Walter S. Masterman

The Bell on Hell Shoal, Talbot Mundy

Harûn Pasha, Sax Rohmer

The Chained Man, Gerald Verner

He Cometh and He Passeth By, H.R. Wakefield

The Passing of Yeng How, J.M. Walsh

Vendetta, Dennis Wheatley

The Green Garland, Valentine Williams

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