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Nash's – Pall Mall Magazine, April 1933


Short Stories

Windelberg's Ninth Life Laurence Kirk

Language of Love, Stephen Morehouse Avery

Earthquake, Damon Runyon

The Taste of Peppermint, Everett Rhodes Castle

One Thing Abideth, Laurence Meynell

Vendetta, Dennis Wheatley

Gambler's Luck, Adela Rogers St. Johns

The Wedding of the Wheat, Lorna Moon

About the Disappearance of Agatha King, Anthony Abbot

A Present for Miss Graykin, Arthur Somers Roche

Special Features

Sea-Lions Might Balance the Budget, E.V. Lucas

Jack Wapping's Day, Thomas Burke

Should Attempted Suicide be Illegal?, Bertrand Russell

Fear of Living, Rosita Forbes

Women and Courage, Amelia Earhart

War, Havelock Ellis

On Scolding One's Children, V. Sackville-West

Food, Rebecca West

Belinda Buys British, Barbara Back


Kaleidoscope in K (Part 3), A.J. Cronin

The Kennel Murder Case (Part 4), S.S. Van Dine

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