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Nash's – Pall Mall Magazine, August 1933


Short Stories

Espionage Dennis Wheatley

The Girl with the White Shoes, Wilhelm Speyer

The Return, Pearl S. Buck

Moon Treasure, Hugh Wiley

Mother's Day, Fannie Fox

There is no Escape, Richard Ullman

Women have Loved Cads, Bruce Gould

The Importance of Being Seen, Inez Holden


The Magic Casement, Laurence Housman

Special Features

Nash's Commentary Rebecca West

Turn Again Winston, Robert Bernays, M.P.

Heat & Cold, Alec Waugh and D. Michell Pierce

Valentino Still Lives, Christine Jope-Slade

Women of the Revolution, Rosita Forbes

My Own Country, Arthur Mills

Men of Straw (Part 3: Alfred Loewenstein), Henry F. Pringle

Shopping Gossip, Barbara Back


De Luxe (Complete), Louis Bromfield

Black Moon (Part 3), Clements Ripley

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