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The Necromancers : The best of Black Magic and Witchcraft


Modern Witchcraft, Robert Graves

Black Magic Today, Rollo Ahmed

The Black Lodge, Aleister Crowley

The Sacrifice, Betty May

The Sorcerers, W.B. Yates

A Life for a Life, Dennis Wheatley

The Witches' Sabbat, C.W. Olliver

The Salem Mass, Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Tryals of the New England Witches, Cotton Mather

An Indictment for Witchcraft, Peter Haining

The Lancashire Witches, William Godwin

The Midnight Assembly, W. Harrison Ainsworth

An Initiation to Witchcraft, Margaret Murray

A Pact with the Devil, Peter Haining

How to Raise a Spirit, Peter Haining

The Black Goat of Brandenberg, Anonymous

My Experiences in Necromancy, Benvenuto Cellini

The Necromancer, Lawrence Flammenberg

Gavon's Eve, E.F. Benson

The Confession of the Witches of Elfdale, Peter Haining

The Witch Finders, Sax Rohmer

The Witch Baiter, Robert Anthony

The Spell on Witchcraft, P.T. Barnum

Familiars, Frank Hamel

The Little Friend, August Derleth

The Chambre Ardente Affair, Ronald Seth

The Tarn of Sacrifice, Algernon Blackwood

The Hell-Fire Clubs, Montague Summers

At the Heart of it, Michael Harrison

Beelzebub, Robert Bloch

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