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Christopher Lee's New Chamber Of Horrors
(* titles that appear in 'More of Christopher Lee's New Chamber Of Horrors')


The Room in the Tower, E.F. Benson

Count Magnus, M.R. James

The Transformation, Mary Shelley

The Burial of the Rats, Bram Stoker

The Whispering Mummy, Sax Rohmer

The Leather Funnel, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Out of the Earth, Arthur Machen

The Magician, Lord Dunsany

The Empty Sleeve, Algernon Blackwood *

The Thing on the Doorstep, H.P. Lovecraft *

Return to the Sabbath, Robert Bloch

Four Ghosts in Hamlet, Fritz Leiber *

The Devil, George and Rosie, John Collier *

The October Game, Ray Bradbury *

A Life for a Life, Dennis Wheatley *

No Such Thing as a Vampire, Richard Matheson *

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