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Picture Show, Vol.32, No.816,
December 22nd. 1934

Magazine contents:

Secret Life Stories of Hollywood Louella Parsons

My Friends in British Studios Edith Nepean

Our Weekly Short Story

Forbidden Territory adapted by our writer from the Gaumont-British film version of Dennis Wheatley's best-selling novel.

Big Pictures of 1934

What Every Woman Knows, The Merry Widow, Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch

Emlyn Williams

Warner Oland in Charlie Chan's Courage

Death on the Diamond (M.-G.-M.)

Christmas Greetings:

Loretta Young, Joan Crawford, Ramon Novarro, Greta Garbo, Jack Buchanan, Norma Shearer, Gary Cooper, Ronald Colman

The Great Flirtation (Paramount)

Adolphe Menjou and his films

This Week's Releases:

No Greater Glory, Lilies of the Field, Beggar's Holiday, The House of Mystery, The Great Flirtation, Green Eyes, Charlie Chan's Courage, Death on the Diamond

Screen Sleuths

I remember when, Kathlyn Hayden

Continuing the serial story

Bella Donna, Robert Hichens

The Beauty without Brains, Adrian (dress designer for M.-G.-M.)

You Can See Them In This Week's Pictures:

Matty Kemp, Nancy O'Neil, Clifford Mollison

At Home with Bette Davies

Picture Show News Reel

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