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The Unspeakable People


The Monk, Matthew Gregory Lewis

The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe

The Bird Woman, Henry Spicer

My Own Tale, R H Benson

Williamson, Henry S Whitehead

A Thing of Beauty, Wallace West

The Outsider, H P Lovecraft

The Loved Dead, C M Eddy

The Copper Bowl, Captain George Eliot

The Feast in the Abbey, Robert Bloch

The Cathedral Crypt, John Wyndham

The Graveyard Rats, Henry Kuttner

Bianca's Hands, Theodore Sturgeon

The Head and the Feet, C S Forester

The Idol of the Flies, Jane Rice

A Night at a Cottage, Richard Hughes

The Shape of Things, Ray Bradbury

Desire and the Black Masseur, Tennessee Williams

The Coffin, Dennis Wheatley

Mercy, Laurence James

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