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War Stories


The March on Aqaba (from Lawrence of Arabia), Alistair MacLean

Escape or Die (from You'll Die in Singapore), Charles McCormac

Besieged (from Toby, Peetie, Harry and Fred Were Here), Vera Boyle

The Scarlet Pimpernel (from The Scarlet Pimpernel), Baroness Orczy

Welcome to Oflag XXIb (from The Tunnel), Eric Williams

The Silver Sword (from The Silver Sword), Ian Serraillier

The War of the Worlds (from The War of the Worlds), H.G. Wells

Nelson's Last Day, John Simpson

The Beginning of the End, Anthony Buckly

The Exeter Blitz (from The Exeter Blitz), David Rees

The Man Who Killed Hitler, Hayden McAllister

The Red Knight Dies (from The Friendless Sky), Alexander McKee

Duel in the Sun (from The Three Musketeers), Alexander Dumas

A Three Day's Chase, Captain Basil Hall

The Carrier (from Biggles, Pioneer Air Fighter), Captain W.E. Johns

The Survivor (from Navy Eternal), Bartimeus

Midshipman Jack Easy and the Fighting Chaplain (from Mr Midshipman Easy), Captain Marryat

Clive Goes to War (from Clive of India), Lord Macaulay

After the Air Raid (from Fireweed), Jill Paton Walsh

Waterloo (from Journal of the Waterloo Campaign), General Cavalie Mercer

The Prisoner (from A Game of Soldiers), Jan Needle

Escape from Campo 12 (from Escape from Campo 12), Brigadier James Hargest

The Battle of Shoreby (from The Black Arrow), Robert Louis Stevenson

Running the Gauntlet (from The Last of the Mohicans), James Fenimore Cooper

The Man with the Donkey (from The Man with the Donkey), Sir Irving Benson

Dawn Patrol (from Open Cockpit), Arthur Gold Lee

The Expert Comes Tomorrow (from The Man Who Saved London), George Martelli

Blazing Cockpit (from The Last Enemy), Richard Hillary

Against the King (from The Spur and the Lily), Howard Jones

At the Battle Front (from Lt.-Col. R.G.A. Hamilton's War Diary), Lt.-Col. R.G.A. Hamilton

The Bogus General (from The Scarlet Impostor), Dennis Wheatley

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