The Lymington edition in numerical order:

Title Publication Date Edition No.
Box Set (limited edition, with vol.1 signed by DW) [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.Nos.1-6
The Forbidden Territory [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.1
The Scarlet Impostor [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.2
The Launching Of Roger Brook [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.3
The Haunting Of Toby Jugg [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.4
They Found Atlantis [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.5
The Eunuch Of Stamboul [Aug] 1961 Lymington ed.No.6
The Fabulous Valley [Apr] 1963 Lymington ed.No.7
Faked Passports [Mar] 1963 Lymington ed.No.8
Three Inquisitive People [Mar] 1963 Lymington ed.No.9
The Ka Of Gifford Hillary [Nov] 1962 Lymington ed.No.10
The Shadow Of Tyburn Tree [Sep] 1963 Lymington ed.No.11
Contraband [May] 1964 Lymington ed.No.12
The Island Where Time Stands Still [Jul] 1963 Lymington ed.No.13
The Secret War [Nov] 1963 Lymington ed.No.14
Such Power Is Dangerous [Jul] 1965 Lymington ed.No.15
The Rising Storm [May] 1964 Lymington ed.No.16
The Second Seal [Nov] 1964 Lymington ed.No.17
Black August August 1966 Lymington ed.No.18
Uncharted Seas [Nov] 1964 Lymington ed.No.19
The Quest Of Julian Day January 1967 Lymington ed.No.20
The Devil Rides Out [Apr] 1963 Lymington ed.No.21
Star Of Ill-Omen [Nov] 1963 Lymington ed.No.22
The Man Who Killed The King [Nov] 1962 Lymington ed.No.23
Strange Conflict August 1966 Lymington ed.No.24
The Golden Spaniard January 1967 Lymington ed.No.25
The Black Baroness November 1966 Lymington ed.No.26
Mediterranean Nights [Jul] 1965 Lymington ed.No.27. (The revised edition containing new stories and material)
The Man Who Missed The War [May] 1964 Lymington ed.No.28
To The Devil—A Daughter November 1966 Lymington ed.No.29
The Dark Secret Of Josephine November 1962 Lymington ed.No.30
V For Vengeance November 1966 Lymington ed.No.31
Sixty Days To Live June 1966 Lymington ed.No.32
The Sword Of Fate June 1966 Lymington ed.No.33
Come Into My Parlour [May] 1967 Lymington ed.No.34
The Rape Of Venice [Sep] 1963 Lymington ed.No.35
The Prisoner In The Mask [Jul] 1963 Lymington ed.No.36
Codeword – Golden Fleece [Nov] 1962 Lymington ed.No.37
Curtain Of Fear January 1967 Lymington ed.No.38
The Satanist [Nov] 1964 Lymington ed.No.39
Vendetta In Spain [Nov] 1964 Lymington ed.No.40
Traitors' Gate [Jun] 1966 Lymington ed.No.41
Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts [Jul] 1965 Lymington ed.No.42. (The revised edition containing new stories and material)
Mayhem In Greece [Jun] 1966 Lymington ed.No.43 (Early prints wrongly show 42 on the spine)
Bill For The Use Of A Body August 1966 Lymington ed.No.44
The Sultan's Daughter [Jun] 1968 Lymington ed.No.45
They Used Dark Forces May 1967 Lymington ed.No.46
The Wanton Princess [Aug] 1970 Lymington ed.No.47
Dangerous Inheritance [Aug] 1970 Lymington ed.No.48
Unholy Crusade May 1971 Lymington ed.No.49
Red Eagle. A Story Of The Russian Revolution September 1967 Lymington ed.No.50. Illustrated
"Old Rowley". A Private Life Of Charles II September 1967 Lymington ed.No.51. Illustrated by Frank C. Papé.
Gateway To Hell May 1971 Lymington ed.No.52
The White Witch Of The South Seas September 1971 Lymington ed.No.53
Evil In A Mask September 1971 Lymington ed.No.54
The Ravishing Of Lady Mary Ware 1975 Lymington ed.No.55

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