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The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - The Women in DW's life

Hilda Gardner (née Gosling) - DW's 'honorary sister'

An early photo of DW and Hilda at the seaside

DW poses with Hilda in World War One

An early letter from DW to Hilda

Hilda has asked DW to include some "spicy yarns"
In his letters, and ever the gallant, he obliges

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One of Hilda and John's presents to DW - a book, naturally !

Note the Christmas gift tag which DW retained
as a bookmark - like various other books in his
library, this was used as a source for his novels.

When the Wheatleys moved into Becmead Avenue in 1910, the Goslings were the Wheatleys' neighbours.

Hilda became DW's 'honorary sister'.

DW was best man at Hilda's wedding in 1921, and they maintained their friendship throughout their lives.

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Provenance:Photographs & letter - Reproduced with the permission of Leeds University Library
Book - Private Collection