Note 2
"I was determined to do all I could to help market the book and now that I had some money from the sale of furniture and pictures ... ... I invested a good part of it in salesmanship.

"I had 2000 postcards printed; on one side they had the pictorial endpapers of the book, on the other, alongside the space for the address, simply the title, date of publication and a request that the recipient, if he enjoyed adventure stories, should ask for the book at his library. I sent several score of these to friends and acquaintances, asking if I might send them a dozen or more for them to send to their friends. The response was so good that Hutchinson had a further fifteen thousand printed for me."

'The Time Has Come – Drink and Ink' 1979

"Only 1250 copies were done at the first printing and in the last 450 of these (first issue) the binder forgot to put in the end papers. The book was reprinted seven times in seven weeks; and it was then serialised in many papers and translated into fourteen languages during the following three years."

Wheatley's private comment quoted by Iwan Hedman
in 'Fyra Decennier med Dennis Wheatley' 1973

BUT ... ...

"The first printing of The Forbidden Territory had been 1500 copies, but only 800 had had the pictorial endpapers pasted in. The demand of the trade had been so large that the other 700 copies had had to be rushed out without endpapers; and orders to reprint the book had already been sent before it had even been published."

'The Time Has Come – Drink and Ink' 1979