Note 14
Wheatley's other 'Lost Civilisation' novels include 'The Man Who Missed the War' and 'Uncharted Seas'. Sometimes referred to as Wheatley's 'Atlantan' series and gathered together in the omnibus: 'Worlds Far From Here'.

"I am sorry that Frank Capra who made two such delightful films as 'It Happened One Night', and 'Mr. Deeds Goes to Town', has followed this film fashion in 'Lost Horizon', to be seen for the first time at the Tivoli.

"If a film of this kind was to be made, the book chosen should have been Dennis Wheatley's 'They Found Atlantis', an equally imaginative work, a much more plausible narrative and a far more varied and interesting group of characters."

'Hollywood Makes Magnificent Spectacle' – Daily Mail 1936, quoted in 'Good Stories' 1937