Note 2
Author's Note: "I have always believed in giving my readers variety, and 'Faked Passports' is the first book of mine that has contained the same leading characters as its predecessor... ... ...But now I would be more than grateful to have guidance from my readers. ... ... ... ... ...Shall I send Gregory to Norway and perhaps to other fronts as the war develops, or have you had enough of him for the time being?  The alternatives are a story of strange happenings in the West Indies, where the war forms only a distant background; or a new departure for me into Historical Romance.

"Any postcards stating a preference will be gratefully acknowledged and, as a servant to the public whose business it is to entertain, I will write the book that gets the largest vote."

Note at the end of 'Faked Passports' 1940

"Several hundred replies came in, of which an overwhelming majority was in favour of 'more Gregory'.  So, soon afterwards, I sat down to 'The Black Baroness'."

'The Time Has Come – Drink and Ink' 1979