Note 6
"This paper is an attempt (1) to examine the nature of Total War, (2) to formulate its principles, and (3) to put forward some suggestions for their practical application to the discomfiture of the King's enemies.

"The original document ran to nearly 100,000 words.  It was prepared in the spring of 1941 by the author as a private individual, having no official status whatsoever, but the privilege of submitting such papers to those engaged in planning the military direction of the war."

Author's note at the beginning of 'Total War' 1941

"The Joint Planning Staff felt that a pruned version given to the public might help boost morale and help increase the war effort, so I got to work on cutting it ruthlessly, then submitted my draft to Laurence Burgess ... ... ... who was deputy secretary to the War Cabinet.

"Eventually Laurence and I reduced the original paper of over 100,000 words to 30,000; and in this form Hutchinson's published 100,000 copies of it as a shilling pamphlet."

'The Time Has Come – Drink and Ink' 1979