cover for the January 1933 issue of Nash's Magazine

Having shared and enjoyed the artwork of DW's titles for some time now, I thought I ought to expand the experience by including publications by others, where DW is featured as a short story writer, as the writer of the foreword/prologue to others' works, or mentioned in some way.

The covers that follow show titles that I have managed to collect or, in a few instances, 'borrowed' from places like eBay.  I have initially arranged them by publication date except where there is an obvious grouping of titles.  In these cases the first publication date decides the placing of the group.  There are many more titles and I will add these as and when I obtain details.

For a more comprehensive list, see the Bibliography of all things Wheatley section



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Current Literature Lecture Recorder Prediction Magazine Daily Mail
December 1937 June 1938 November 1938 29th March 1944
Includes reviews by DW Includes an article by DW ‘Voroshilov and his campaigns’ Includes an article by DW ‘Is there a Lost Continent ?’ Includes an article by DW ‘Have you read these yet?’


John O'Londons John O'Londons John O'Londons Celebrity Cooking For You - Dishes Chosen by the Famous
15th October 1959 6th October 1960 16th March 1961 1961
      Andre Deutsche
Includes a review by DW ‘The Power of Voodoo’ Includes a review by DW ‘A Nation in a Frenzy’ Includes a review by DW ‘The Trials of Satan’ by Renee Hellman; contains two recipes by DW.
      For details of DW’s recipes, click here


Celebrity Cooking John O'Londons John O'London's Time & Tide Celebrity Cook Book
1967 2 August 1962 6 February 1964 1969
Paul Hamlyn     Barnardos Publications Ltd
by Renee Hellman; second edition with profiles of the contributors added. Includes an article by DW ‘The Hard Road to Success’ Includes an article ‘Long Hours for Dennis Wheatley - Britain's top authors tell how they work’ Sold in aid of Dr Barnardo's. Second edition, edited & compiled by Lady Appleton. DW contributed one of the first recipes in the book.
      For details of DW’s recipes, click here


The Journal of the International Wine & Food Society
February 1975
Includes an article by DW ' It was Fun being a Wine Merchant'


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