Hutchinson 'Century of' Omnibuses LATEST


Published between 1934 and 1938, this uniform series of twenty-six omnibuses was exceptionally popular and attracted introductions from such illustrious writers as P.G. Wodehouse, E.C. Bentley, G.K. Chesterton, Dennis Wheatley, Hugh Walpole, Rafael Sabatini and many others.  As well as collections of short stories grouped by genre, the series also included Philip Gibb's celebration of George V's Silver Jubilee, two volumes of a new edition of Lord Birkenhead's 'Famous Trials', the eccentric '1001 Wonderful Things' edited by Walter Hutchinson, two 'Cavalcades of History' compiled by Claud Golding, and two volumes of stories taken from 'The Evening Standard' newspaper.

Originally published at 3/6, by 1939 their price had risen to 4/6 and war-time copies can be found bearing repricing stickers of 6/-.

Copies of these books in dustwrappers are quite scarce.  It seems to be a general rule that the fatter the book, the less likely it is to retain its dust wrapper.  Add to that the fact that on the reverse of the wrappers was an order form for other titles in the series and on the front foldover, the instruction: 'take off this wrapper now, you must not miss the announcements inside', and you have the probable reasons for their subsequent scarcity.

The books are undated, but I have tried to be as accurate as possible in determining their year of publication.

Hutchinson reprinted a number of titles up to the 1950s, among them, 'A Century of Nature Stories', 'A Century of Sea Stories' and the two 'Cavalcades'.  These were in redesigned dust wrappers and priced at 12/6.

The series began with 'A Century of Creepy Stories' and below is the information printed on the back panel of the dustwrapper.
As mentioned above, future order forms appeared on the inside of the wrapper.

The complete

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