Dennis Wheatley Omnibuses:

Title (click on title to return to 1st editions) Date of 1st Publication Contents
Those Modern Musketeers [12 December 1939] 'Three Inquisitive People', 'The Forbidden Territory', 'The Devil Rides Out' and 'The Golden Spaniard'.
The Early Adventures Of Roger Brook [5 July 1951] ‘The Launching Of Roger Brook’ and ‘The Shadow Of Tyburn Tree’
Worlds Far From Here [27 November] 1952 ‘Uncharted Seas’, ‘The Man Who Missed The War’ and ‘They Found Atlantis’.
Those Modern Musketeers (revised edition) [26 April] 1954 'Three Inquisitive People', 'The Forbidden Territory' and 'The Golden Spaniard'.
The Secret Missions Of Gregory Sallust [1 June] 1955 'The Scarlet Impostor', 'Faked Passports' and 'The Black Baroness'.
The Black Magic Omnibus [26 November] 1956 'The Devil Rides Out', 'Strange Conflict' and 'To The Devil—A Daughter'.
Roger Brook In The French Revolution [11 November] 1957 'The Rising Storm' and 'The Man Who Killed The King'.
Death In The Sunshine [1 December] 1958 'The Fabulous Valley', 'The Secret War' and 'The Eunuch Of Stamboul'.
Plot And Counterplot [14 December] 1959 'Black August', 'Contraband' and 'The Island Where Time Stands Still'
Into The Unknown [5 December] 1960 'Sixty Days To Live', 'Star Of Ill-Omen' and 'Curtain Of Fear'.
Heinemann/Octopus: Omnibus [September] 1977 'The Devil Rides Out', 'The Haunting Of Toby Jugg', 'Gateway To Hell' and 'To The Devil—A Daughter'.
Chancellor Press: Omnibus [April] 1992 'The Devil Rides Out', and 'Gateway To Hell'.
BCA : The Devil Rides Out [&] Gateway To Hell [November] 2005 'The Devil Rides Out', and 'Gateway To Hell'.
BCA : To The Devil—A Daughter [&] The Satanist [November] 2005 'To The Devil—A Daughter', and 'The Satanist'.
Classic Black Magic from Dennis Wheatley [May] 2011 'The Devil Rides Out', 'To the Devil - A Daughter', 'Gateway to Hell'

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