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Date Amendment / addition Link to new / amended area
March 2002 Site starts with the paperback covers only, with a choice of graphical or textual pages.
23 March 2002 'About Me' page added.
24 March 2002 Bibliography pages (with and without frames) added.
28 April 2002 Appeared on Google & Yahoo search listings for the first time!
11 May 2002 New site format published with a new home page.   Now includes the 1st editions bibliography, the DW intro page, the About Us Page replacing the About Me page.
15 May 2002 Purchased the domain name and linked it to the current site.
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24 May 2002 War papers updated on the bibliography pages. Bibliography of all things Wheatley
25 May 2002 Miscellaneous war papers added to the bibliography pages. Bibliography of all things Wheatley
26 May 2002 Screen plays updated on the bibliography pages. Bibliography of all things Wheatley
31 May 2002 Lymington, Heron and Century Hutchinson editions added to the bibliography pages. Bibliography of all things Wheatley
7 June 2002 Serialisation dates (which precede the 1st edition dates) added to The Devil Rides Out and Contraband on the 1st editions bibliography. Bibliography of 1st editions: Contraband/
The Devil Rides Out
9 June 2002 Minor amendments to the Wheatley introduction. Dennis Wheatley – an Introduction
18 June 2002 Unpublished material added to the short stories and articles sections on the bibliography pages. Bibliography of all things Wheatley
21 July 2002 Redesign of site; for easier navigation now includes a Contents page and this What's New page.
New sections added: covers of the Lymington editions and a look at Arrow paperback cover artwork as portrayed through Wheatley's work from the 50s to the 80s.
The Lymington Edition

Paperback covers through the ages

24 July 2002 Redesign of Contents page.
Newly discovered short story compilation added to 'Other publications..' in the bibliography pages – The Gourmet Crook Book.
Bibliography of all things Wheatley
26 July 2002 1937 edition cover of The Forbidden Territory added to the paperback editions and the Home pages for the Paperbacks removed. Paperback Editions:
F to H
29 July 2002 Counters added to all pages to assess the popularity (or not!) of each page.  All images (where appropriate) have now been amended to show for IE and Netscape browsers brief descriptions if a mouse cursor is held stationary over the image (Netscape users could not see these before).
31 July 2002 1976 reprint cover picture for The Secret War added to the Lymington Edition. The Lymington Edition:
cover pictures from 1961 to 1979
Paperback 1st edition date for Faked Passports amended (thanks to Richard Williams from Scunthorpe). Paperback Editions:
F to H
1 Aug 2002 Printable copy of the Lymington edition wants list added. My Lymington Wants (a printable list)
2 Aug 2002 A new page added, showing the end-papers designed by Joan & Dennis Wheatley and Diana Younger. Illustrated End-Papers
4 Aug 2002 Introduction added to the end-papers page. Illustrated End-Papers
10 Aug 2002 'The Crime Dossiers of Dennis Wheatley and J G Links' added. Crime Dossiers
14 Aug 2002 A new page added, showing my limited collection of non-UK titles.  Please forward details of any editions I am not aware of (you will be acknowledged on the page!). Non-UK editions
18 Aug 2002 The crime dossier page amended to include a reference to the Sherlock Holmes dossiers. Crime Dossiers
26 Aug 2002 Bill for the Use of a Body Lymington reprint cover picture added to the Lymington edition.
New paperback pictures added for the 1980's editions of The Fabulous Valley, The Island Where Time Stands Still and The Secret War.
The Lymington Edition

Paperback Editions:
F to H | I to O | Sa to Si

27 Aug 2002 Murder Off Miami crime dossier – Dutch edition added to the Non-UK editions page.  (Thanks to Willibrord Ruigrok from the Netherlands.) Non-UK editions:
28 Aug 2002 Another German edition added to the 'World' page – Diener der Finsternis (The Devil Rides Out) from the Bastei-Lübbe Phantastiche Literatur series – with grateful thanks to Eva & Dieter Lutter from Köln. Non-UK editions:
11 Sep 2002 Another new page added – this time an article about the novels that became films and the screenplays of Dennis Wheatley. Films and Screenplays
12 Sep 2002 Another French edition added to the 'World' page – Etrange Conflit (Strange Conflict) from the NéO Plus series. Non-UK editions:
  Date that the short story The Snake was published in 'Cosmopolitan' in the USA amended to June 1933. Short Stories
14 Oct 2002 Another new page – this time 'pre-author' period. The Wine publications of Dennis Wheatley showing rare pictures of one of his wine catalogues. Flagon of Gold
And yet another page – this time showing the Century Hutchinson editions, together with their forewords. Century Hutchinson editions
  The site has also been completely overhauled. For the technically-minded the site now relies heavily on style sheets. For the non-technical, the pages should look identical but should load a bit quicker.  However, some older browsers may show unexpected results.  If you are affected badly with any of my changes, please let me know.
30 Oct 2002 Addition of the Dutch edition of The Man Who Missed The War.  Interestingly the edition date is shown as 1943 – 2 years before the book was written! Non-UK editions:
10 Nov 2002 I have just received confirmation of the existence of a limited edition box set of Lymington edition. The Lymington and Bibliography pages are amended accordingly.

Bibliography of all things Wheatley (Lymington section)

The Lymington Edition