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2nd December 2013

Following our traditional Christmas motif, while no new Christmas Cards of DW’s have come to light, if you click on the link to the right or on the icon on the left hand side of the Contents page, a new item has been added to the ‘Christmas section’- DW’s Christmas list of what he was going to give his friends and loved ones in the midst of World War II in 1943.

Dennis Wheatley’s Christmas cards through the decades

This month I am also logging two newly discovered reprints – a 20th Thousand of Mediterranean Nights discovered by collector Kevin Pearce, and the 1956 reprint of The Devil Rides Out.

First editions: The War Years 1940-1945

First editions 1933-1934

I wish a very happy Christmas and New Year to all the site’s visitors and to all friends of its cause.


19th November 2013

This month’s update is a report on the 2013 Convention, our sixth - held at the Laura Ashley Manor Hotel in Elstree, and attended by record numbers.

The sixth Dennis Wheatley Convention, 2013

Convention & Field Trip Memorabilia
28th October 2013

Bloomsbury Publishing are starting their rollout of Dennis Wheatley books. They are re-publishing ‘The Forbidden Territory’, ‘The Devil Rides Out’ and ‘To The Devil – A Daughter’ in paperback, and rest of his novels in e-book format.

Latest Book News

To coincide with this, there has been some good Press coverage. The Daily Express had a two page spread on DW on 12th October, and The Mail on Sunday ran a short piece on the re-discovery of the English and Arabic versions of DW’s ‘lost’ novel ‘Of Vice & Virtue’ on 27th October.

Other publications: Critiques Books & articles about DW

In the same connection, Dominic Wheatley and I appeared on the BBC World Service’s Weekend programme on 13th October to talk about his ‘revival’.

30th September 2013

This month’s additions are the first Thai edition of a Dennis Wheatley book we’ve come across – a 1986 edition of ‘The Quest of Julian Day’, courtesy of Steve Whatley,

Wheatley around the World: Thailand

Joan Wheatley’s copy of the Hungarian edition of her first book, ‘No Ordinary Virgin’, courtesy of YesterYear Books and Steve Whatley,

Books by other members of the Wheatley / Younger Clan

and the only known copy of the auction catalogue of DW’s home from 1945 to 1968, Grove Place, Lymington.

Other Publications: Critiques Books & articles about DW
27th August 2013

This month I’ve started a new sub-section in the Conventions and Field Trips section to catalogue Convention memorabilia, moving some out of the Hutchinson and other Publicity material section.

Conventions and Field Trips;
Convention memorabilia

Thanks go to Steve Whatley in particular for creating so many of the exhibits.

22nd July 2013

This month I’m returning to ‘Wheatley around The World’, and completing the assemblage of foreign film posters I started in October last year – how time flies !.

Wheatley around the World

It includes a further French film poster courtesy of Steve Whatley, and film posters from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Thailand (our first Thai entry !) and the USA.

If anyone has any other foreign film ephemera lurking in their attics, please let me know !

17th June 2013

This month sees two additions to the 'Hutchinsons Publicity Material' section – a promotional card for 'Red Eagle' (1937), and a promotional brochure from the 1960s for the Roger Brook Saga.

Hutchinsons and other Publicity Material

I am indebted for both of these to Steve Whatley, who has also sent me a couple of new photos for the ‘Broadcasts’ page – see if you can spot them !

Elsewhere, in the Museum section on DW’s Homes, I’ve updated the section on Clinton House, where DW lived from 1913 to 1922, to record the fact that what was left after the ravages of squatters was gutted by fire on the 21st May.

DW’s Homes : Clinton House

A sad end to another of DW’s houses. It’s reminiscent of Grove Place, which was allowed to fall into a state of extreme disrepair, and then demolished in the cause of modern re-development.

23th May 2013

This month sees an update to the Museum’s special exhibition section on DW’s Homes, and more particularly, on other places of DW interest.

The page on Kenley has been augmented, thanks to Ian Sayer, with pictures of the exact location of the cesspit into which Gordon Eric Gordon-Tombe’s body was thrown.

The Museum: Places of DW interest - Kenley

Thanks to Stephen Gregory, I have added a new section on Scarborough, showing the location of the Bar Hotel, where Gordon-Tombe’s murderer Ernest Dyer died of gunshot wounds in a scuffle with the police who were trying to apprehend him in connection with a completely different case.

The Museum: Places of DW interest - Scarborough

Finally, I have added a new section on Heytesbury, where DW was billeted in the summer of 1916, on which he drew when he was writing ‘The Devil Rides Out’, and which was the subject of our 2012 Field Trip.

The Museum: Places of DW interest - Heytesbury
18th April 2013

Just a brief interim update to thank Tony Gosling for pointing out that links to DW's interviews with John Ellison (1966) and William Hardcastle (1971) can now be downloaded again from the BBC website

DW's Broadcasts
8th April 2013

First, and thanks to Steve Whatley, I've recorded the August 1936 edition of Picturegoer magazine, which has a piece about the filming of ‘The Secret of Stamboul’.

Other Publications: Critiques / Books and articles about DW

Second, and thanks to Steve for another contribution, I’m adding to ‘Wheatley Around the World’ two early Dutch editions of ‘Who Killed Robert Prentice’

Wheatley around the World: Holland

Third, in the Special Exhibition section of the Museum on DW’s Homes, I’ve added the picture of a bombed out 8 St Johns Wood Park and a link to the 2011 Field Trip to the section on Grove Place. More updates to this section will follow shortly

The Museum: DW's homes 8 St Johns Wood Park

Grove Place

Finally, in the Museum, I have just realised that the Duke of York, to whom DW wrote enclosing a copy of his debut novel ‘The Forbidden Territory’ in January 1933, was none other than that great admirer of his books King George VI. I have amended the entry accordingly.

The Museum: Room 6
4th March 2013

The main feature of this month is an update to the Introductions and Forewords section. New inclusions include a jacket for the first edition of Penry’s ‘Character from the Face’, the wrap-around band with an endorsement by DW on the first edition of Frederick Cowles’s ‘The Night Wind Howls’ (now a most valuable book), the endorsement on the flap of ‘This is My Life’ by Dame Agnes Hunt of the Red Cross (now a little known figure), and the endorsement on the cover of ‘My Name is Michael Sibley’, John Bingham’s first novel. John Bingham’s real name was Lord Clanmorris, and he is said to have been the inspiration for Le Carré’s George Smiley.

Other Publications: Introductions / Forewords by DW

Also, thanks to Steve Whatley for pointing out that an article about DW by another friend of this site, Roger Dobson, appeared in the Autumn 2012 edition of ‘Wormwood’ magazine.

Other Publications: Critiques / Books and Articles About DW
8th February 2013

This month's update is the report on the 2012 Convention, held at the Edgewarebury Hotel in Elstree on 3rd Novemeber.

I hope it will serve as a suitable memento for those who attended, and as a useful briefing for those who wished to, but were unable to attend.

As many of you will be aware, this year’s Convention will be held on Saturday 2nd November, again at Elstree. Further details can be found as they develop by clicking here.

The 2012 Dennis Wheatley Convention
3rd January 2013 This month's update sees the opening of a major new Room in the 'Virtual Museum', covering DW's highly unusual journey through World War II.

It has taken the best part of a year to assemble, and I hope you will enjoy it. Much of the material appears on public view for the very first time.

As always, I would like to express my gratitude to the Wheatley family for their encouragement, and I would also like to express my thanks to the staff at (particularly Lewis in this instance) who have brought to fruition so admirably the Room I had in my mind.

Thanks go to experts Phil Baker and Ian Sayer for proof reading and commenting on the text, and to all those who have directly or indirectly helped with the exhibits.

Thanks also to Tina Rosenberg for pointing out that there are declassified documents in the UK National Archives that are well worth a look, and to the very helpful staff in the Image Library section of the National Archives, who allowed me to reproduce several of these documents.

The Museum, Room Eight:
World War II


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