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Feb 2003 Over the past few months I have had a number of critiques of the site.  Fortunately the majority are flattering, but there have appeared threads which go something like this:
"Great site but the gold embossed text on the opening screen on my low-resolution computer looks terrible";
"why change to a blue screen for the 'About the Site' page";
"I get lost sometimes and some of the pages don't have a 'Contents' page link".
  Never one to deliberately spoil another's enjoyment I have listened and have now acted.  All pages, apart from the notes pages, now carry a navigation box at the bottom of the page that will take you to any area of the site, without having to return to the Contents page.  The home page has been redesigned and incorporates the navigation box with an explanation.  The 'About the Site' page has changed colour and includes a reference to the help I am now getting from Iwan Morelius.
Thanks for all the comments – keep them coming!

Home page


About this site

2 Feb 2003 Thanks to Iwan Morelius, I have been able to expand the 'world' page which now shows nearly all of the Swedish editions. Non-UK editions:
7 Mar 2003 Paperback covers updated with two additions – the 1964 edition of The Secret War and, thanks to Charles Heffelfinger from the USA, the 1st edition of They Found Atlantis. Paperback Editions:
Sa to Si | Th to To
  Again, thanks to Charles, new covers have been added to the USA titles. Non-UK editions:
26 Mar 2003 The Lymington edition has been updated with two covers – the 1966 editions of Bill For The Use Of A Body and Sixty Days To Live. The Lymington Edition
1 May 2003 Where to begin?  
  Firstly – a new page. Thanks to Jonathan McColl of Dingwall, Ross-shire, who contacted me recently with the news that he was a recipient of the original issue of the 'Heron' editions, I have been able to cobble together a page on this popular issue. I apologise for the slow loading of the background, but hope this does not spoil your enjoyment of the page. The 'Heron' edition
  Next – two more covers for the Lymington edition: the 1971 reprint edition of Contraband and the 1963 1st edition of The Secret War. The Lymington Edition
  Next – The addition of the cover picture for an early Hutchinson's paperback from 1952: Contraband. Paperback Editions:
B to C (Contraband)
  Finally – on to the World page:
cover pictures added for the two-volume set Les Vierges de Satan (click on the cover of Vol.1 for a translation of the foreword);
a picture taken from eBay of the first German edition of Murder Off Miami, Mord bei Miami;
cover picture and details added for the Swedish edition of The Irish Witch
and a cover picture for the 1st American edition of They Found Atlantis.


Non-UK Editions:
France | Germany | Sweden | USA

7 May 2003 Many thanks to the collector who wishes to remain anonymous for their contribution to the 'Heron' page – a photocopy of the original advertisement! I have, therefore, revamped the 'Heron' page to take this into account. Because the resolution does not make for easy web viewing I have also added a link to a text version as the wording has to be seen to be believed. The 'Heron' edition
  A milestone for me – the Lymington page is now complete with pictures of all the first editions. This has been achieved by the kind efforts of Jan Alexandersson from Sweden. Many thanks Jan. The Lymington Edition
August 2003 A number of additions/amendments have built up due to the server being updated during June, July and August, which preventing me from downloading new or amended pages until now:
  Very many thanks to Giocarlo Pellegrin from Triest, Italy for the excellent scans and detailed descriptions of all the DW titles that were published in Italy.
Non-UK editions:
  Addition of the missing cover to the French NéO series – La Découverte de l'Atlantide (They Found Atlantis). Click on the cover picture for a loose translation of the foreword.
Non-UK editions:
  Following my recent visit to Sweden, where I and my wife were made very welcome by Iwan Morelius and Jan Alexandersson and their wives, there are a number of changes/additions to the Sweden page.
Non-UK editions:
  Whilst in Sweden, thanks to Jan, I was also able to obtain the following additions to the world page:  
  a beautiful Slovenian edition of The Wanton Princess; Non-UK editions:
  a Spanish omnibus of The Sword of Fate, The Devil Rides Out, The Fabulous Valley and They Found Atlantis; Non-UK editions:
  and an earlier French edition of The Devil Rides Out. Non-UK editions:
  Again, thanks to Jan, I have been able to correct a number of errors and improve on some of the cover pictures on the Lymington edition page.
The Lymington Edition
  Updates to paperback covers of early editions:
c.1938/9 – Such Power Is Dangerous;
1953 – The Secret War and
1954 – The Sword Of Fate

Paperback Editions:
Sa to Si | St to Sw
  All the early paperback editions now show the Hutchinson/Arrow series numbers (the numbers were not used after 1973).
  I have added a new page to show all the maps that were published in Wheatley's books.  As these, generally, were only available in 1st editions, you may find them useful if reading from other editions.
A 'pdf' file is also included, so you can print off a copy, if required.
The Maps for Dennis Wheatley's Books
  As a result of correspondence with a blind visitor, all the paperback edition pages have now been amended to be recognised by speech recognition software.  The rest of the site will slowly follow suit over the coming year.  
October 2003 Number of pieces in the game 'Blockade' amended to 108 from 104. Bibliography of 1st editions: Blockade
  Two more maps added to the maps page and the maps.pdf file: Haiti from Strange Conflict and The Probable Site of Atlantis from page 6 of They Found Atlantis.
The Maps for Dennis Wheatley's books
  Addition of the cover picture of the 1st Arrow edition of The Fabulous Valley and some amendments to the reprint dates for later issues.
Also some amendments to the Arrow edition details for The Forbidden Territory.
Paperback Editions:
F to H
  Now that I have details of a few of the first Arrow editions and as they have a distinctive style, I have split the first page (c1952 to 1961) of the paperback art pages into two pages – 1953 to 1954 and 1955 to 1961.
Paperback Art 1953/54
Paperback Art 1955/61
  Spanish softback edition of The White Witch Of The South Seas (La Bruja Blanca de los Mares del Sur) added to the world page. Non-UK editions:
  A translation of Iwan Hedman-Morelius's jacket blurb to the Swedish 1987 edition of The Scarlet Impostor (I Hemligt Uppdrag) has been added to the Swedish page
(click on the cover picture to see it).
Non-UK editions:
  Due to the range of descriptions that appear on sellers' adverts for DW's board games, for their guidance and to assist others, the Title-note pages have been amended to show clearly the original contents of each game.
Wheatley's board games:
November 2003 1937 1st German edition of Murder Off Miami (Mord bei Miami) updated on the world page. Non-UK editions:
  1936 1st Dutch edition of Murder Off Miami (Moord op de Golden Gull) updated and the 1938 1st Dutch edition of The Mallinsay Massacre (De Malinsay Tragedie) added to the world page. Non-UK editions:
  Pictures of the wonderful French 1980s ‘Ramsay’ editions of Murder Off Miami (Meutre à Miami), Who Killed Robert Prentice? (L’affaire Prentice) and The Mallinsay Massacre (Le Massacre de Malinsay) added to the world page. Non-UK editions:
  Cover picture for The Irish Witch added to the Century Hutchinson page, completing this issue. Century Hutchinson editions


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