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26 December 2006 A sad day indeed for Dennis Wheatley fans and for those who visit the website. Bob Rothwell, the creator of the website, possessor of an unparalleled collection of later editions and expert on all things Wheatley, died unexpectedly in his sleep.

For an appreciation of Bob, please click this link.
Bob will be sorely missed by all the community, and many thanks to all who have sent in your tributes – for which the family have asked me to express their grateful thanks.

Bob Rothwell: An appreciation
18 December 2006 And yet another 'Murder Off Miami' reprint surfaces: this time an 80th Thousand!  Is there no end – and will we ever know when these reprints were issued? Bibliography of 1st editions:
Murder Of Miami
  And, again thanks to Charles Beck, another golden-oldie: this time a circa 1945 Readers' Library paperback reissue of Such Power Is Dangerous
Hutchinson's Paperbacks, 1936 to 1952
(Such Power Is Dangerous)
29 November 2006 I have now implemented, in my opinion, a much improved Site Search facility.  This replaces the not-so reliable Google link on the Contents Page and can be found in the top left-hand corner of that page. Contents
(Search facility)
12 November 2006 And now for something a little lighter, details provided by an anonymous donor(!), a 1960's magazine containing a profile of DW – Men Only.  For those of you who don't recognise the actress on the front cover voted “The Actress We'd Most Like To Eat” it is Mylène Demongeot. Other Publications:
Men Only
12 November 2006 For those of you who would like a deeper insight into DW's thoughts, I have now added links to the DW introductions to his Library of the Occult titles.  These can be found on the Library of the Occult covers' pages and can be accessed by clicking on the relevant Sphere edition cover. Library of the Occult Series:
A to L | M to Y
5 November 2006 Two titles added to the Other Publications pages: The Deceivers (an invaluable addition to anyone who wants to know more about the deception activities of the Second World War, with lots of references to DW); and, again thanks to Charles, another title with an introduction by DW, The Queen's Necklace by Alexandre Dumas (Collins Classics, 1957). Other Publications:
The Deceivers & The Queen's Necklace
30 October 2006 Two more countries (and contents) added to the 'world' pages: Australia and Canada. Non-UK editions:
Australia & Canada
10 August 2006 A welcome addition to the Book Club page: The Haunting of Toby Jugg, (The Mystery Book Guild, December 1952). One of the joys of being a collector is realising that you can never know everything about your chosen subject. This book is a prime example of this.  Until it recently appeared on eBay I had no inkling of its existence!  How many more unknowns to find? Book Club editions
(The Haunting of Toby Jugg)
  Addition of an article from the 1996 issue of 'Little Shoppe of Horrors'. The Devil Rides Out (musical version)
8 August 2006 And now for something completely different:
The Devil Rides Out – musical version!
To my shame and amazement, I have only recently discovered Colin McCourt's musical and am very impressed by its production and its apparent faithfulness to the original story.  I have been privileged to see some footage of Bernie Nolan in the part of Tanith and cannot understand why this production did not make to the West End.  It certainly deserves a UK tour at the very least.  If anyone has a few spare thousands wanting a good investment home, I can think of no more deserving cause...  Good luck, Colin!
The Devil Rides Out (musical version)
3 August 2006 Additions to the 'world' pages: Non-UK editions:
  U.S.A. » The Haunting of Toby Jugg, 1972 (Ballantine edition);
(and thanks to Charles Beck):
» The Black Baroness (Macmillan, 1942) » The Forbidden Territory (Dutton, 1933) » Old Rowley (Dutton, 1934) » The Scarlet Impostor (Macmillan, 1942).
7 July 2006 Breaking News – BBC to show a new drama The Haunting of Toby Jugg?  Follow the news in The Library ... ... BBC4 – The Haunting of Toby Jugg
  Reprint covers added for:
the Lymington edition of They Used Dark Forces;
Lymington Edition
(They Used Dark Forces)
  and Adventure Stories for Boys & Girls
Other Publications:
(Adventure Stories for Boys & Girls)
  Another addition to the 'world' pages:
Non-UK editions:
  Germany » Raritäten aus des Teufels Küche, 1976 (German edition of 8 stories from the Michel Parry compilation 1st Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories)
  Two new links added at the bottom of the Contents Page: Peter Cheney & Fantastic Fiction
28 April 2006 A new reprint cover for The Devil Rides Out (4/6 cheap edition) added. 1933-1934
(The Devil Rides Out)
  Peter Haining is a name normally seen on this site as a compiler of short stories dealing with Ghosts, Horror, Occult etc.  I was, therefore, surprised to come across this very recent non-fiction historical title which, evidently, came about as a result of a remark made by DW during an interview he had in 1974 with Peter Haining.  The book is also dedicated to the memory of DW. 
Other Publications:
Where The Eagle Landed
  Thanks to Paul Barnes for providing accurate dating for 3 Book Club titles: Traitor's Gate, The Wanton Princess, and The White Witch of the South Seas.
Book Club editions
  Thanks also to John M. O'Brien for identifying two other covers designed by Frank C. Papé: The Haunting of Toby Jugg and the 1st Arrow edition of The Devil Rides Out.
UK Cover Art Designers through the Years
  Additions to the 'world' pages:
Non-UK editions:
  France » Territoire Interdit, 1936 » La Découverte de l’Atlantide, 1938;  (France)
  Germany » Spuk, 1974 (German edition of the Peter Haining compilation The Evil People) » 15 Satan Stories, 1975 (German edition of the Peter Haining compilation The Satanists) » Meer der Angst, 2006; (the latest DW publication?);  (Germany)
  Italy » Il Battesimo del Diavolo, 1971+ (re-issue with new wrapper);  (Italy)
  Russia » Феномены Х (X Phenomena), 2004 (a collection of articles about the unexplained, supported by DW's Black Magic articles from Gunmen, Gallants & Ghosts (rev. ed.));  (Russia)
  Spain » El Territorio Prohibido, 1935 » La Carrera de Roger Brook, 1956 » La Sombra del Patibulo, 1957 » Presagios de Tormenta, 1958 » El Talismán de Set, 1991.  (Spain)
21 February 2006 Before this page gets too unwieldy, I have now split the page and archived each What's New? year.  For me, an interesting browse to see how the site has developed. 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005
20 February 2006 The last (to my knowledge) of the Wm Kimber anthologies containing a DW story now added to the 'others' page: Stories of the Macabre. Other publications:
Stories of the Macabre
  A number of slow-loading pages (e.g., the 'world' page, the 'others' page and some of the 'cover art' pages) have been re-organised into smaller pages for faster loading.  
15 February 2006 At last - the page a lot of you have been patiently waiting for, and one that fills an empty slot – the Book Club editions. Book Club editions
14 February 2006 It has not been one of the best-kept secrets on the internet, so a lot of you will know that the collector known as Sams Books is Richard Humphreys and was the person instrumental in providing this site with guidance, images, information and articles when I was first struggling to get the site off the ground.  A lot of you, including myself, will also have gone green with envy when visiting his own web-site and browsing through the many items that constituted his collection.
Tragically, Richard recently lost his partner of many years and had to make the painful decision to dispose of his unique collection.  Fortunately for the Wheatley community, Richard was able to sell his entire collection to one buyer, thus saving the many items from becoming separated, perhaps never to be seen again.  The question then arose – what to do about Richard's web-site?
After discussions between Richard, the new owner and myself, we all rapidly agreed that the best initial course of action was to transfer the entire contents to this site, thus preserving a record of the collection for posterity.
This has now been completed and if you've not yet discovered the delights of browsing through Richard's collection, then give yourself a few hours, sit back and immerse yourself in the world of 'Wheatleyana'.
The Richard Humphreys Collection
13 February 2006 Links repaired and improved (the titles in the Designer pages now link back to the relevant Cover Art page) and Omnibuses added to the Cover Art pages.

UK Cover Art through the Ages

UK Cover Art Designers through the Years

12 February 2006 A number of minor, and some not-so-minor, changes to the site:  
  1st edition publishing dates have been formatted uniformly across the site, i.e., any dates or part of dates that are contained in square brackets are there for information only and do not appear in the actual publication.
  The recently published page on 'other' publications (see 19 November 2005, below) has had links added in the 'Short Stories / Extracts' section to the full contents of the publications, where applicable.
Other publications
Short Stories / Extracts
  Iwan Morelius has kindly and generously translated the text from the biographical text of 25 År med Dennis Wheatley (see 18 January 2006, below).  I have added a link to the translation at the bottom of the entry in the 'other' publications.
Other publications
Critiques, Articles about DW, etc...
  With grateful thanks to the author, Jonathan Sothcott, I have also added links to the full text of his chapters on Dennis Wheatley from his book The Cult Films of Christopher Lee.

Other publications
Short Stories / Extracts

Bibliography of all things Wheatley
Articles about Dennis Wheatley.

  For those who struggle to find the information they want out of the c.600 pages on the site, I have added, courtesy of 'Google', a search facility at the top of the Contents page.
  Three new anthologies added to the 'others' page: Stories of the Night, Stories of Horror and Suspense and Stories of the Occult.
Other publications:
Stories of the Night,
Stories of Horror and Suspense and
Stories of the Occult
  And two new history titles added to the 'others' page: The Triumph Of The Moon : A History Of Modern Pagan Witchcraft and Lure Of The Sinister : The Unnatural History Of Satanism.
Other publications:
The Triumph Of The Moon and
Lure Of The Sinister
  Finally in this update, by request, I have extended the Cover Art illustrations from the paperbacks to all DW's UK publications.  Now can be seen exactly how the artwork has changed from the 1st publication to the most recent issue and see how each cover designer has interpreted the story.  I have also included pages bringing together those designers who have been credited with more than one title.

UK Cover Art through the Ages

UK Cover Art Designers through the Years

18 January 2006 Now that I have, at last, my own copies of the BCA omnibuses (thanks Gary), I have made some minor changes to the Latest Book News.  In particular confirming that the text blocks have indeed been lifted straight from the 70s Heron editions. Latest Book News
  Thanks to Iwan Morelius, an interesting early publication from Sweden.  25 År med Dennis Wheatley is an 8-page pamphlet issued by DW's publishers in Sweden to bookshops.  Possibly the 1st published bio-bibliography of DW? Other publications
(25 År med Dennis Wheatley)
12 January 2006 A new page is added, to provide an easier reference to all of DW's works.  It also contains links from each title to the relevant entries within the different sections of the site (e.g., 1st, Arrow, Lymington editions etc...). UK Bibliography
10 January 2006 Grateful thanks to Phillip Gardiner who has provided details of the two new UK releases The Devil Rides Out [&] Gateway To Hell and To The Devil–A Daughter [&] The Satanist published by BCA (Book Club Associates).
Also updated the information re the book Churchill's Storyteller now that it has eventually been released.
Latest Book News
  An unusual addition from Australia: a book with a dedication to the de Richleau characters. Other publications


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