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06 December 2007 Thanks to Steve Whatley for suggesting a Christmas theme, and for providing some of the material.

If you click on the link to the right, or on the icon on the left hand side of the page, you will see a selection of Christmas cards that DW sent out to his friends over the decades.

Apart from the DW connection, they offer a fascinating insight into Christmas card design over the years.

As is only fitting, the icon on the left will disappear on twelfth night.

A happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all our visitors.


Dennis Wheatley’s Christmas cards through the decades
31 October 2007 Thanks to Steve Patton for a scan of the cover of the earliest known reprint (the 12th impression, circa 1937) of The Eunuch of Stamboul.

Thanks to another frequent correspondent for another superb item – DW's own copy of the Hungarian edition of Murder off Miami. This is the first Hungarian edition to grace these pages, so how wonderful it should be DW’s own copy!

An illustration of the cover of William Younger’s The Dreaming Falcons has been added to the Wheatley / Younger clan section, and finally

A publicity postcard for Such Power is Dangerous has been found, and added to the Hutchinson’s publicity material section.

Please keep them coming!

First editions 1935-1937

Non-UK editions: Hungary

Books by other members of the Wheatley / Younger clan

Hutchinson’s publicity material
26 September 2007 A new section has been added listing in one place Hutchinson's publicity material about DW.

Some of the material has appeared in different parts of the site before, but some (including the wrap-around band for The Devil Rides Out and a Roger Brook poster) is being shown on the site for the very first time.

Special thanks to Richard Humphreys and the current owner of his collection for consenting to items from the collection appearing in this section as well as in the main Humphreys collection pages, and to James Hallgate of Lucius Books for the scan of the wrap-around band.

Hutchinson’s publicity material
21 August 2007 Thanks to Clive Williams for providing an illustration of the cover of William Mole’s first book, Trample an Empire.

Thanks also to another correspondent, Steve Whatley, for his frequent help. An example of this is his pointing me in the way of an early dutch edition of The Forbidden Territory with a rather wonderful cover.

To complete this update, an early reprint (17th Thousand, circa 1940) of Uncharted Seas.

Books by other members of the Wheatley / Younger Clan

Non-UK editions: Holland

First editions 1938-1939

18 July 2007 Thanks to a suggestion from Clive Williams, who has also provided some of the scans, I have added a section on books written by other members of the Wheatley / Younger Clan. If you can fill in any gaps, please let me know.

Books by other members of the Wheatley / Younger Clan
28 June 2007 Four early reprints make their appearance on the site :-

The Forbidden Territory, 21st thousand, circa 1937/8;
The Eunuch of Stamboul, 22nd impression circa 1943/5; with grateful thanks to Clive Williams, a 23rd thousand of The Scarlet Impostor, circa 1942; also recently located, a copy of The Scarlet Impostor, 28th thousand. Please keep them coming!

I have also taken the opportunity to slightly revise the main First Editions pages so in the reprint sections, they now list not only the first appearance of every new dustjacket illustration, but also every subsequent identified appearance. Again, if you come across any gaps you can fill, details please.

First editions 1933-1934
First editions 1935-1937

The War Years 1940-1945
29 May 2007 Courtesy of Lazy S Books of Austin, Texas, the U.S. first edition of V for Vengeance. As described in 'Drink & Ink' page 218, this was the last of the Gregory Sallust stories to be published by Macmillan, and the cover art is well up to their usual standard

Non-UK editions: U.S.A.
14 May 2007 A 6th impression of 'Old Rowley' for 'The Bookshelf Library' (a new series to me), dating to early 1938 (courtesy of a regular correspondent), plus an otherwise identical copy with a wartime (circa 1943) jacket.

An amendment to the publication data for 'To The Devil - A Daughter'; it emerges that before it was published in January 1953, it was serialised in October 1952 in the Sunday Empire News.

If anyone has copies of the serialisation, more details please!

First editions 1933-1934

First editions 1952-1955
24 April 2007 Great news – and news that I wish Bob could have been alive for – some of DW’s novels are once again going to appear in print.

They are being published by Wordsworth Editions, and the publication schedule is as follows :-

The Devil Rides Out – March
To the Devil a Daughter – April
The Haunting of Toby Jugg – May

As some of you will know, the cover designs were Bob’s creation and – while it was too late for anything to appear in the first volume other than a brief acknowledgement on the back cover - we expect the second and third volumes to carry the following paragraph:

"The publishers would like to acknowledge the cover designs as the work of the late Bob Rothwell, who passed away December 2006, an enthusiast and renowned expert on Dennis Wheatley. He will be remembered by the many friends he made during years of dedication to raising the profile of Dennis Wheatley"

Let’s hope these three reprints are all an enormous success and others follow hot on their heels...

Latest Book News
24 April 2007 Also, although not strictly speaking book news, I’ve added details for those who don’t already know of a re-issue by Diamond Entertainment of the 1936 black & white film version of The Eunuch of Stamboul (released in the U.S. as The Spy in White). If anyone knows the whereabouts of a copy of the 1934 film version of The Forbidden Territory, please shout!

Latest Book News
13 April 2007 Having gone off the air shortly after Bob died, the website goes back online.

Bob’s widow Sue has asked me to look after it from now on, and I will do my best not to let either Bob or DW’s memory down. It may be a while before I can figure out how to make major changes, so please bear with me. The library in particular may take a little time to get to grips with.

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