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27 January 2005 With many thanks again to Charles Beck, who has shared the details of some of his early paperback collection, I have now published a new page showing more detail for those Hutchinson's paperbacks that pre-date the 'Arrow' imprint. Hutchinson's Paperbacks
  And again with thanks to Phil Baker for a picture of an early The Eunuch Of Stamboul marked 23rd Impression, which is added to the paperbacks page. Paperback Editions:
D to E
(The Eunuch Of Stamboul)
  Also with grateful thanks to Paul C Smith from South Wales for a picture of his copy of the 40th Thousand reprint of Murder Off Miami, which is added to the 1st editions page. 1935-1937
(Murder Off Miami)
  Viktor Davydov from St Petersburg has been digging around in his local library and has uncovered two newspaper serialisations from the 1930s for translations of The Forbidden Territory and Contraband. Non-UK editions:
  Whilst browsing the internet the other day, I found details of another magazine that ran three of DW's short stories in 1956.  It was called The Creasey Mystery Magazine and the 1st three editions each featured a story from DW: Orchids On Monday, The Case Of The Thing That Whimpered, and The Case Of The Red-Headed Women.

Bibliography of all things Wheatley
(Short Stories by publication)

Short Stories
(Short Stories by title)

29 January 2005 And yet another previously unknown and unrecorded DW publication, again from the firm of Justerini and Brooks!  Thanks to Steve Whatley, who many years ago saw and was able to photocopy it, we now have evidence of a scroll that was done for J&B to commemorate their move from Pall Mall to Bond Street in 1954.  Headed We move with the times, Steve thinks it may have had a coloured border. 1952-1955
(We Move With The Times)
6 February 2005 Another collection of short stories with a Wheatley contribution.  The Ghost's Companion from Victor Gollancz, 1975 and later Puffin Books in 1978, containing one of the Neils Orsen's stories:The Case Of The Red-Headed Women

Bibliography of all things Wheatley
(Short Stories by publication)

Short Stories
(Short Stories by title)

26 February 2005 Thanks to Gary from Essex, I now have the amulet which was issued with the 1st issue of the 'Heron' collection.  The background to the page now includes a picture of this. The 'Heron' Edition

I was privileged earlier this month to be allowed to visit the archives of Random House (parent company to Hutchinson's) and record details from their records and collection of books.  As a result the following amendments/additions have been made to the site:

1st editions pages

amended, and where appropriate added covers for, reprints and/or improved 1st edition covers to –
Black August, The Black Baroness, The Devil Rides Out, The Early Adventures of Roger Brook, The Eunuch Of Stamboul, The Forbidden Territory, The Golden Spaniard, The Quest Of Julian Day, The Secret War, and V For Vengeance;

added entries for –
A Century Of Spy Stories, gift bound editions;
Gift-Box and 2nd Gift-Box sets;

Early Hutchinson paperbacks

added information for the following titles –
Contraband ('Free Victory' Gift edition), The Devil Rides Out (112th Thousand), The Forbidden Territory (59th Thousand - note later date than 71st!), The Eunuch Of Stamboul (rear cover for the 23rd imp.), and The Secret War (Readers' Library/Grout Publishing copy);


improved endpaper map for The Eunuch Of Stamboul;

Non-UK editions

added Brazil with three titles, Czechoslovakia with one title, Denmark with one title, and publishing details to Fuerzas Oscoras from Spain;

Lymington edition

added reprint information and cover pictures for –
The Island Where Time Stands Still, The Rape of Venice, The Rising Storm, The Satanist, Strange Conflict, Such Power Is Dangerous and Uncharted Seas.

28 February 2005 Due for U.K. publication in April, 2005 (U.S.A. March 19, 2005) is Craig Cabell's new book, Dennis Wheatley: Churchill's Storyteller (Spellmount Publishers, ISBN: 1862272425). Click on picture for more information. cover
2 March 2005 What is a 1st edition?
"Surely the one with the black cloth?" – "But mine is a 1st and it has red cloth!" – "But so-and-so is advertising a 1st with a lime-coloured cloth!"
The questions will never go away, but now here is a list that can give you added pointers in your quest for that elusive 1st or help confirm that the fortune you have just spent was well-worth it!  Compiled with the help of a number of serious collectors (and no doubt added to and amended by other correspondents over time), this should become as definitive a list of Dennis Wheatley's 1st editions as you are ever going to find.
Dennis Wheatley's 1st editions
  About This Site updated About This Site
3 March 2005 (see 12 April, below)
Heard the one about a remake of The Devil Rides Out, coming shortly to your silver screen?  No?  Then you've not been following the film news for the past decade or two!  Yes?  Then you might be surprised that the rumours all had a strong element of truth behind them.  Robin Price, who used to work for Hammer Films has made available, exclusively to this site, some fascinating history of the Wheatley/Hammer story together with his copies of a screenplay for the 1999 remake of The Devil Rides Out and a proposal for a follow-up, based on Gateway To Hell.
Wheatley and Hammer Films
(link removed – see 12 April below)
13 March 2005 Revised release date for Churchill's Storyteller and the addition, courtesy of the author, of the jacket blurb. Latest Book News
22 March 2005 One for the 'obsessives' among us - Revision to all the paperback pages to show, where applicable, the ISBN numbers.  Also some of the 1950s editions have had their details amended. Paperback Editions:
B to C; D to E; F to H; I to O; P to R; Sa to Si; St to Sw; Th to To; Tr to W.
23 March 2005 Continuing the 'obsessive' theme and, in line with the season, a bit of spring-cleaning.  ISBN numbers now scatter the site wherever they can find a place, navigation has been marginally improved in some areas, minor cosmetic adjustments to a number of pages and my Wants list for paperbacks and Lymington's have been updated. (no specific links)
12 April 2005 Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding between the film producer and the scriptwriter, I have had to withdraw the Wheatley and Hammer Films page.  (see 3 March, above) (Wheatley and Hammer Films link removed – see 3 March above)
15 April 2005 Once again, thanks to Charles Beck for providing a picture of the 1st Arrow edition of The Devil Rides Out. Paperback Editions:
D to E
(The Devil Rides Out)
  Also thanks to Mike Fletcher for his generous gift of the 59th "Pocket Library" edition of The Forbidden Territory which has allowed me to update the cover pictures. Hutchinson's Paperbacks:
(The Forbidden Territory)
  Mike has also done some proof-reading of the 1st edition details and as a result the entries for Evil In A Mask (original price), Gunmen, Gallants and Ghosts (original price), Stranger Than Fiction (colour of title panel on spine) and The Deception Planners (original price) have been amended.
Dennis Wheatley's 1st editions
  I have now added details of the hard-back editions of some of the Library of the Occult titles to the site.  White Lion Publishers published a number of occult titles mainly for the Public Libraries and included at least 9 titles from the Sphere paperback collection.  There may be more and, as usual, I would be grateful for information/pictures if anyone can oblige.

Bibliography of all things Wheatley
(Library of the Occult)

Library of the Occult Series:
A to L | M to Y | A to Y text only page

8 May 2005 The illustrated paperback pages have undergone an overhaul. The main changes being that the pages are now smaller for quicker loading, but more numerous, and fuller details of each issue (including an image of the rear cover) can be seen by clicking on any of the front cover images.
As a result of including information about when a new text block was introduced and the original selling price for each issue, for the sake of completeness, I have also had to add to my paperback wants list (hint for those with spare copies to sell!).

Paperback Editions:
Arrow and other issues, 1953 to current:
B to CD to E | F to H | I to O  | P to R |Sa to Si | St to Sw |Th to To | Tr to W

My Paperback Wants (a printable list)

24 May 2005 Following the previous changes to the paperback pages, I was struck by some of the images where the cover art work was spread across the rear and front covers.  I then realised that I would now have to include the spines to get the true effect of this 'wraparound' imagery and amazed myself at artwork that had not previously been apparent to me.  The editions concerned are the 1975/80 issues (excluding the majority of the black magic titles and a few other titles).  The issues which I have not yet completed are now added to my Paperback Wants list!  (Don't forget you have to click on a cover picture to see the additional information.)

Paperback Editions:
Arrow and other issues, 1953 to current:
B to CD to E | F to H | I to O  | P to R |Sa to Si | St to Sw |Th to To | Tr to W

My Paperback Wants (a printable list)

4 June 2005 AT LAST!  What many of you have been asking for - a discussion area!
I have named it The Library after the room that the Duc de Richleau used for relaxation, contemplation and discussion with his closest friends.
I have tested it as far as I'm able, but there are bound to be teething problems, so please have patience if things don't seem to go as planned.
But most of all - please use it, for without participants there is no discussion!
The Library
  And again, many thanks to Charles Beck for providing a picture of the 1st Arrow edition of The Forbidden Territory. Paperback Editions:
F to H
(The Forbidden Territory)
11 June 2005 Added details of Strange Conflict, 5th Impression 1969, to the paperback page. Paperback Editions:
St to Dw
(Strange Conflict)
18 June 2005 It didn't take me too long to realise that The Library was limited in its potential for security and future growth so I have rebuilt it and moved all the contents to the new premises.  If you had bookmarked the old location, please amend your bookmark to The Library
28 September 2005 A new publication!  This time from Germany.  Meer der Angst (Uncharted Seas) is included in an omnibus containing tales of strange happenings at sea. Non-UK editions:
(Germany – Dämonen an Bord)
12 October 2005 The Short Stories page has been amended to include 'A Fight for Life', an extract from The Scarlet Impostor which appeared in the 1984 publication 'Adventure Stories for Boys & Girls'.

Bibliography of all things Wheatley
Short stores by publication and year

Short Stories by Story

  Thanks to James Pickard for providing a picture of the 1st USA edition of The Eunuch of Stamboul. Non-UK editions:
USA (The Eunuch of Stamboul)
  A large number of images have been improved – 1st editions, reprints, paperbacks and maps – over the last few months. Too many to itemise, but thanks to all those who contributed.  
18 October 2005 I have added a new link on the Contents Page to a recently added Wheatley page on Paul G. Adams' Harry Price web site (well worth a visit). Site Contents
6 November 2005 A number of 1st edition reprint images have been improved and I have added four newly discovered reprint dates: i.e., Contraband 1958, The Ka of Gifford Hillary 1961, The Rising Storm n.d. (priced 7/6) and Star Of Ill-Omen 1956


The Ka of Gifford Hillary

The Rising Storm

Star Of Ill-Omen

19 November 2005 Time, I thought, to show off Other Publications that contain DW:
those that include a short story from DW, those that have a foreword/introduction by DW, articles/critiques about DW, etc. ...
Other Publications
8 December 2005 Many thanks to Konstantin Kalmyk from Moscow who has unearthed another 'modern' Wheatley: this time a 1995 Russian edition of Gateway to Hell. Non-UK editions:
Russia (Gateway To Hell)


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